Fishery business plan

Start Your Own Home Based Fish Farming Business for Profit.

Are you interested in starting a Tilapia fish farming business?


If you are a fishing enthusiast, one way that you could potentially turn this passion into an income is to start a commercial fish pond.

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Fisheries Investment Plan 2015-2020 - Economic and Social.

Often associated with hh startup and overhead costs, starting a catfish fishery can yield large profits over time with the proper implementation of a business plan and good marketing. According to Texas A&M; University, it costs up to $2,970 per acre to start a catfish fishery as of 2005, assuming you already have land and do not own any farm vehicles or aquaculture equipment. A good starting size for a catfish pond is 1 to 5 acres. Otherwise, you will need to excavate the land to create a pond by removing the topsoil and vegetation and using clay subsoil.

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This package provides you with a complete package with the tools that you will need to start and expand your Commercial Fishery.

Fishery business plan:

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